The melody of a flowering bush
opening its blossoms
in the light of the dawn

Breaking with tradition to find roots. A masterfully nonchalant mixture of old, designer pieces, contemporary art, regional items, unusual details with “wow” effect, rich in contrasts, exciting. The modern architecture snuggles against the old structure. Grown organically since 1698, still carefully changing today. Separate yet joined. Old and new, young and old.

Rooms and prices


13 rooms
5 suites

1 studio

Fine Mühlviertel linen, oak board flooring and spicy forest air on the terrace. Luxury and simplicity complement each other without competing. The architecture’s special features lie in its details: with its rut-coloured facade, the modern addition gives the impression that it has already seen much water flow down the Mühl.

Suites EUR 284,-   /   Standard room + EUR 224,-   /   Standard room EUR 164,-   /   Attic room EUR 144,-

Prices per room and night for 2 persons with breakfast, 2,- local tax included
Surcharge for only one night: 10,- per person

Please note our restaurant opening hours for hotel guests.

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Sunday morning light
the scent of quiet
the lake lies placid

Soothing touch of artful hands. A quiet room with open fireplace. A second sauna with a view of the river. Sunbathing outside in the summer. Or bathing in the Große Mühl. The Mühltalhof spa area is - everywhere. But it’s especially in the capable hands of Ira Rachinger. Let your racing mind stand still.

for the

Gentle care for the body. Soothing treatments delivered by skilful hands. At the Mühltalhof, specifically those of Ira Rachinger. There are many contact points around the fresh waters of the Mühl. And most importantly, there is time to let every movement take effect.